Join us in the sustainable travel revolution

The Mansion team pull no punches when it comes to running the business in an environmentally responsible way. Why? Because respecting the Earth’s precious resources and minimising our emissions is quite simply, the right thing to do. From composting our green waste onsite to purchasing fair trade and ethical coffee beans, every decision we make is based around our eco core values and what impact that will have on the environment.

  • climate badge

    Completing Eco-Tourism Australia’s 12 Month Climate Action Certification Program with a goal to achieve accreditation as a Climate Change Leader in early 2021.

  • carbon footprint

    Currently measuring our water, waste and electricity to determine our emissions impact and how many trees we need to plant to offset them to become 100% carbon neutral by 2021.

  • volunteer

    We are joining forces with other amazing eco-businesses and organisations to give our guests opportunities to offset their carbon footprint during their stay. Why not consider volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia or jumping on a tour with Trash Bags On Tour.

  • eco hostel composting

    Reducing & Managing Waste

    • All waste from the rooms, office, bar and café is separated and recycled
    • Single-use plastic water bottles eliminated
    • Coffee beans and green waste composted in our garden
    • 80% of café customers bring their own Keep Cups and receive a 50c discount
    • Milk containers are collected and reused
    • We collect plastic bottle lids which are given to Envision Hands and made into prosthetics for children
    • We encourage guests to use their electronic key on their smartphone rather than their plastic key and plan to eliminate plastic key cards by 2022
    • Cafe takeaway cups are compostable and lids recyclable
    • Coffee grounds composted and some repurposed and made into ashtrays
  • Barista serving coffee

    Energy, Water & Purchasing

    • Lighting is LED or low wattage with bathrooms lights on sensors
    • We use Who Gives a Crap loo paper in the bar which is 100% recycled toilet paper with 50% of profits going to building toilets in the developing world
    • All laundry is done in house saving on transport emissions from deliveries
    • Coffee beans in the café are Fair Trade and ethically-sourced
  • Rooftop Bees eco hostel Melbourne

    Plans for 2020

    • Begin measuring our emissions so we can 100% offset them by planting trees
    • Install a rainwater tank to use for our gardens
    • Install solar power panels on our roof
    • Plant a herb garden for all guests and our café to use
    • Make our rooftop home to a family of bees who will be servicing CBD flowers
    • Install a worm farm for composting
    • Give guests the option to offset their carbon footprint when they book
    • Install body wash, shampoo and conditions dispensers to limit the wastage on plastic
    • Participate in Earth Day once a month (during summer)
    • Work closely with Trash Bags On Tour offering guests opportunities to volunteer
    • Re-purpose old lockers into flower beds in our garden
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